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Morocco With Kids: An Expert Guide for Family Travel

From the sand dunes of the mighty Sahara Desert to the amazing souks and Arabian Bazaar and the rural forts, plan to visit Morocco with kidsfor enjoying the sheer magical spell of the place. If you are planning a Morocco family vacation, get ready for an adventurous trip. Here is a ready-to-use guide so that you can have an experience of a lifetime.

Why is Morocco the best destination to travel with kids?

A vacation to Morocco is a promise of unique and amazing experiences for kids – riding on the back of a camel, travelling in a caravan through the sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert, witnessing the dance and music of the natives, indulging in adventurous activities like surfing at Agadir or sand-boarding in the desert. Plus, there is a natural and pristine beauty all along. The country is tourist-friendly – so you get to experience smooth highways, the typical riads for stays, and also some really high-end restaurants for tasting of conventional Moroccan food. And this needs a special mention – the Moroccan locals are very family-oriented – hence, they are very helpful and extremely protective towards kids.

Travelling to Morocco

The Marrakech Menara Airport is the international airport in Morocco, among others. There are budget airlines flying from most parts of Europe to Morocco. Another interesting way to travel to Morocco with kids is to take a car ferry from southern Spain.

Good time to travel to Morocco

This is one place that you can travel to, year-round. Summers are really hot – so you might want to avoid travel during this time. During winters, the days are pleasant making them ideal for tourists. However, the temperatures in the desert area and the Atlas Mountains can be below zero degrees at night – so you need to pack accordingly.

What should be the duration of the Morocco family vacation?

If this is your first time in Morocco, it is advisable that you book your stays and plan your itinerary for at least 15 days. Remember, you need at least 5 days for the Sahara Desert itself.

How to travel within Morocco?

The best way to travel within the country is to use trains – these are the fastest as well as internationally maintained and run. However, renting a car has some great upsides as well, most importantly the flexibility it offers.

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