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How Can You Plan Your Belize Family Vacation Effectively?

Belize is a Central American country located in the famous Caribbean region of the world. Surrounded by Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and Guatemala, the area is famously known as the Mosquito Coast. The name is not to be mistaken with the swamp of insect species but because the native people here are known as Miskito.

To plan a perfect Belize family trip, these are the things to focus on:

  • The place is a perfect swarming ground for different bugs, including mosquitoes. Hence, it is highly recommended that you carry an effective and child-friendly insect-repellent when visiting Belize.

  • Most parts of the world are connected to Belize through international flights. So, booking tickets will not be much of an issue.

  • Local travel in the country can happen via rented cars that are quite expensive. Do not try the bus as these are uncomfortable. You can opt for the small propeller aircraft with about six to eight seats or take boats to travel around. There are golf carts too, which even adolescent kids can drive. You should book them much in advance, though.

  • One of the best activities kids enjoy here is the San Pedro Carnival, which is held in February every year. What makes the festival interesting is the opportunity for kids to throw different types of food and paint at one another.

  • Places to stay – while there are plenty of hotels and resorts in all price ranges, you need to decide two things when visiting Belize with family – one, the location, that is inland Belize or on the beach; and second, the type of accommodation. Condos on the beach are also a great option for a family stay.

  • If you plan to spend most of your time on the beach, remember to carry your sunscreen.

  • Snorkeling is one of the most favored activities in Belize, especially for kids. When choosing a suit, ensure that you go for the full-face mask for kids.

  • Since this is a casual destination, it is advised that you pack moderately. Do not forget the flip-flops and swimsuits.

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