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The Best Time to Travel India with Kids

India has some amazing places, and therefore it is a good place to visit with family. When traveling to India with kids, you need to be careful in choosing the places to visit and the activities to undertake. Here is a short guide to plan your trip thoroughly.

  • Best time to visit India

  • The period that is best to travel to India is between October and March.

  • This is the best period to visit the country because the weather is pleasant – it is mildly cold and dry.

Traveling to India with kids

  • Although most places accept credit cards,the primary currency across India is cash – especially once you reach the more rural parts of India.


  • India is a safe country to travel to.

  • It is always advisable to wear covered shoes rather than open sandals when walking on the streets.

  • Since the sun is quite hot, the heat can start to burn your skin quite fast. Just applying sunscreen will not be enough. To save yourself and your kids from getting sunburns, ensure that you carry full-sleeve tees and shirts as well as long pants and trousers.


  • It is advisable to have your travel insurance renewed before traveling to India because you might need it.

  • The medical infrastructure is quite sound here. There are enough pharmacies around.


  • In India, it is not difficult to get different cuisines at various restaurants. Thus, there should not be any problem in finding your preferred cuisine.

  • Hygiene conditions are not always excellent. It is advisable to eat food from good hygienic hotels only that attract local crowds.

Place to stay

  • When traveling to India with kids, you should opt for booking hotels since hotels in India are quite good and safe.

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