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Every individual's travel experience is uniquely personal, and stunning imagery inspires you to explore more, stimulating your wanderlust, to urge you to go beyond your boundaries. Whether being chased by African elephants, dancing with Swazi warriors, relaxing in eco-resorts surrounded by wildlife, or planning our next vacation from the comfort of luxury hotel rooms, every place we’ve been to we have documented precious family moments with our children. We’ve captured exceptional aerial videos from flying drones in six continents and underwater photography in the most colorful of coral reefs on the planet. And there are many ways we can help you achieve your business goals.

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Flying Plane

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As a traveling family having visited over 50 countries, we have by now figured out the many products that might not only be necessary but would also make family travel experiences far richer. If you think you have a product out there that families will want to brag about on their travel, we would love to try it out and share our honest findings with all our fellow travel enthusiasts. 

Photographer on Road

professional photography


We travel with a full gear of photography equipment, including top-of-the-line full format camera body, ultra-wide lens for spectacular landscapes, medium zoom lens for everyday work, and a super telephoto zoom lens for wildlife. We also have two fast prime lenses in our arsenal for portrait, fashion, food, street, and product photography. You can come to us for all your image needs. We have the enthusiasm and creativity that brands love!

Aerial View of a Drone

4K cinema & drone video


We are in the business of serious drone photography with professional aerial cameras and a suite of backup drones, lenses, and batteries in our kit. We can capture unique and artistic videos from the air for all your public relations needs, whether it be for real estate, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, or outdoor footage of wildlife, parks, and other conservation areas.

The Mixed Media painting is titled “Born to be Wild” and is a portrait of the Gray Wolf. Limited edition prints of the original painting are available to order. Wolves are the ancestors of your everyday dog and were once on the verge of extinction. Their color can vary from all-white to all-black, with every shade in between. The gray wolf has always been a favorite subject of mine. The best statistics I can get tells me that there are a mere 12,000 of them remaining in the wild. Thankfully, though, they now populate regions of the Great Lakes, Rockies and certain parts of the Southwestern United States. The painting shown here was done in pastel and colored pencils. As creatures who are social and hunt in packs, I wanted to lock the viewers to their eyes and perhaps discover some connection to our fast eroding humanity. As a species that bears a complex system of communication that ranges from barks and whines to growls and howls, they’re as intelligent as they’re formidable.

fine arts commission


Dr. Sarker is an artist who has shown his work in galleries all over the world and has a knack for nature-themed works of endangered wildlife and dying cultures he encounters in his travel. As a way of raising awareness on their behalf and leading efforts to protect them, a percentage of the profit from sales of these paintings is shared with some of the leading conservation organizations worldwide. Depending on his schedule and travel plans, he also accepts commissions. If you’d like to make a statement by contributing towards this noble cause, please get in touch with us.

Hands on Deck

social media & press coverage

Media Manager

We have a very vibrant and active social media presence, and our great love for nature and wildlife shows in every activity we have been involved in. We are active on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter, giving you the unique opportunity to showcase your business on our platform and reach tens of thousands of traveling families. If you’re interested to reach a larger audience for your brand, destination, or event through our social media channels, please feel free to contact us. 

professional photography
4K cinema & drone video
fine arts commission
social media & press coverage


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