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We are the GeoBeetles Family!

A family of 5 living in the gorgeous Grand Canyon State

How Is GeoBeetles Family Travel Blog Different?

In today’s world of social media and marketing, we believe that we stand out in more than one way. We have among us professional photographers, artists, and even scientists, so creativity stems from a wide range of perspectives. We travel with our children, something that’s far less common, especially when it comes to visiting the more exotic locales on our planet. We’re also fluent in multiple languages and are culturally diverse, so can more easily reach across barriers. Traveling with a full set of camera gear, lenses, and professional equipment, we regularly capture artful snapshots, whether on land, underwater imagery, or drone footage.

In this image, a lone tree stands sentinel in front of the panorama of The Grand Canyon National Park, which is one of the best family-friendly destinations you can dream of. Here, there are no shortage of activities, and while you can independently explore the landscape, you can also take part in such fun activities as riding the train, the helicopter, or the mules with all the scenic expanse spread in front of you.
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Our goal is to promote your brand or product in a way that will give you the exposure to tens of thousands of followers on the social media. Traveling with children, we are experts at weaving masterful family stories in a vibrant yet natural manner.

We have a simple goal of sharing with our followers all our exciting travel adventures from the farthest corners of the world. We have helped others feel inspired to travel, to broaden horizons, and to contribute to the treasures of global citizenry, and when it comes to family trips and vacations, we have been masters of multitasking. Now, we want to ensure that your travel dreams can become a reality even when you must balance your work, family, and other obligations. We will share some of the best travel tips and secrets we acquired over the years, and best of all, how we built lifelong memories from them.


And did we mention that we do this while working full-time as scientist and professor? :-) 

We welcome inquiries and hope to work with your brand in a manner that suits all your needs.

Where on Earth do YOU want to go?


we've gone beyond

the path well-trodden

This has truly been a privilege!

We've ventured

deep to discover

culture, history, flora and fauna

This has truly been a privilege!

But we're not aiming for the record books, so don’t set foot in a country just to brag about it. 


Instead, when we visit a place, we go beyond the path well-trodden.


We venture deep to discover its culture, its history, its flora and fauna. Many of the interesting places are captured through drone, video, and action camera photography. We try to keep our experience authentic, to share with others the joy of discovery, and hopefully warn about the pitfalls they need to avoid.


We almost always travel as a family, and so while these pages would be useful to all types of travelers, it’s mainly geared to address the travel niche of folks with kids in tow. We know your situation, and the money, the time, the energy you invest in travel is far higher than solo travelers or even traveling couples.  


Yet, we’ve been traveling the world for over a decade now with three children of our own. We’ve hopped across continents, cultures, and language barriers, starting right when our youngest one hit the ripe age of seventeen months! And all this while working full-time both in the biotech sector and educational institutions. 


For promotional and business collaborations, or for any personal questions, you can reach us here: 

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