Video of famous waterfalls and hot geysers that you can see on your family travel to Iceland with kids
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Heavenly Waterfalls

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet are in Iceland.

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Airport Transfer

The best way to transfer from Keflavik International Airport

to Reykjavik.

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Diamond Beach

Rarer than diamonds, these crystals are pieces of fleeting beauty. 

Smoke from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano’s eruption in Iceland caused air travel over Europe to be closed for many weeks
Families and kids alike will love the incredible beauty of the blue crystalline ice caves of Iceland
On your family trip to Iceland, look out for the colorful aurora or Northern Lights in the night sky
Kids traveling to Iceland will admire the wild beauty of the colorful aurora borealis against a starry sky
Many waterfalls can be seen on your family trip to Iceland, including Skógafoss, seen in this drone picture
You can discover beautiful waterfalls like the Skógafoss shown here when you’re traveling to Iceland with kids
A family traveling to Iceland with their kids are standing in front of the unique Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland
A woman and a man stand in front of the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland, which is a short drive from Reykjavik
Many rare animals, like the endangered Arctic fox, can be seen on a family vacation in Iceland
On a family vacation in Iceland, the extremely scenic Thingvellir National Park should be at the top of your list of attractions
The extremely rare Arctic fox sits in front of a house in Iceland, and seeing it in the wild is sure to make the kids happy
The bubbling of hot geysers can be seen on your visit to Iceland, famous for its environmentally-friendly use of geothermal energy
Atlantic puffins sit on the roof of a house in Iceland
Iceland is a great family destination if you want to see Atlantic puffins and other sea birds
Kids love puffins, and here an Atlantic puffin tries to land near its nest in Iceland
In Iceland, bits of Jökulsárlón glacier give a tremendous show no less interesting than shiny diamonds
On your family visit to Iceland you can see dramatic pieces of Jökulsárlón glacier shining like diamonds
Two girls bite on pieces of glacier in Iceland, which is always ideal for family trips
Three girls hold pieces of glacier on their fun family adventure trip to Iceland
A crowd of photographers shoot the scenic Jökulsárlón glacier in Iceland during twilight
Waves crash on the scenic black sand beaches of Vík in Iceland
A stunning drone shot of the scenic black sand beaches of Vík in Iceland during approaching twilight
A girl stands on the windy black sand beaches of Vík in Iceland in a landscape filled with hexagonal stone structures
Three sisters stand against a surreal landscape of hexagonal rock formation in Vík, Iceland
A lone bright red-roofed church stands in the foggy Icelandic landscape
Green mossy lava fields against a red sky as twilight approaches near Reykjavik, Iceland
A lady enters a dramatic blue ice cave in Iceland through a single orifice
A girl stands inside an Icelandic ice cave illuminated by the diffused and refracted blue light entering through the cave roofs
A girl standing on a monster snow van on her winter journey to the ice caves in Iceland
Solfar or Sun Voyager is a gleaming steel sculpture representing a Viking long-ship in Reykjavik, Iceland
A closeup of several humpback whales feeding on krill in Icelandic waters
Closeup shot of an Icelandic horse’s head
Svartifoss waterfall in Iceland falling over the stony corrugated cliff in a strange landscape


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