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Chile Family Vacation: 3 Things to Definitely Try

Chile presents some of the extreme geographical features – on the one hand, the Atacama Desert is the world’s second driest desert, and on the other is the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego.

On a Chile family vacation, these are the three must things to indulge in.

1. Visit Torres del Paine in Patagonia

Torres del Paine National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and the 8th wonder of the world, recently declared. It is located amidst the Paine Massif mountain range and is home to many natural wonders with a special mention of the Glacier Grey. You can see the Andean condors, buzzard eagle, puma, red foxes, guanacos amongst the wildlife species here. The highest peak of the park - Paine Grande - is visible from here. The Grey Glacier is the huge glacier formation on the Serrano River. From here, you arrive at the Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument and finally to the Cueva de Milodon, a huge cavern where the prehistoric Mylodon darwinii used to live.

2. Time to play with penguins at Isla Magdalena

The next stopover on your Chile family vacation is the Isla Magdalena. You should be visiting this place between November to March as this is time for boat tours. Visit the Los Pingüinos Natural Monument, where your kids will be mesmerized to see the largest colony of penguins. Remember you can come here only through boat tours. During these four months, penguins flock here to find their mates before migrating back to their homeland.

3. Cajon del Maipo

Lying to the western side of the Andes is the Cajon del Maipo, a canyon that is also a trekker’s paradise. It takes about two hours to reach here from Santiago. The best part is the mesmerizing landscape here with awe-inspiring scenery and landscape. One of the things that will attract you to this place is the water supply system built at 2500 meters altitude. Some of the activities to indulge here include – horse riding, skiing, trekking, and wine-tasting for adults. You can also take your kids down to one of the hot springs for a bath.

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