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You'll need a camera!

Your iPhone or Android will certainly do the job, but if you're really keen to be featured on National Geographic, then you might need a more professional one...

Buy only what you can afford. In the end, no piece of camera gear is indispensable. And remember that no amount of money can buy you perfection. For that, you'll need to get your hands dirty: a combination of seasoned experience, technical knowledge, artistic ability, and yes, stroke of luck, to pull off that coveted image that will win you all kinds of accolades. And remember, you're trying to learn how to travel the world on a budget with your family, so while you need a good camera, that won't substitute the memories you'll hold on to inside the camera of your mind.


Here we list several categories of camera gear, from the dirt cheap ones which still take good pictures to the ones used rarely by anyone outside of professional photographers. And if you still find yourself scratching your head trying to make sense of these, just send us a quick note and we'll help you choose one to satisfy your needs. 



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