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Travelling to India with Kids

So great is her diversity, India can be considered to be a continent unto herself.


India, truly, is a land of extremes. It's a giant that hasn't yet awoken from its long slumber. If you’re the kind who’s not easily daunted by large crowds, then go dive right in, mingle through the masses, India welcomes you with open arms. If, however, you're a shy creature who's in need of a firm push, India will still welcome you. You just need to find another way to approach her. India is the country we've known all our lives, and the first country some of us visited. Yet, now armed with camera we're back here at least once every year. If you're willing to spend the time and show some amount of patience, the country could prove to be a paradise for the wildlife and landscape photographers, as well as travel bloggers from all over the world.

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