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Flying Over

The Iron Curtain


Flying a drone over Poland was a true pleasure. Clear skies, superb weather, and above all, extremely accommodating people.

This was our last flight over Gdańsk, our last stop in Poland. The clip has been lightly edited to condense into a span of 42 seconds. Our travel to this country was marked by lots of drone footage and street photography.

55-second snippet of flying my drone over the brimming southwestern city Wrocław. My chosen subject here is a church, not far from the Old Town Center of the city. The maneuvering of the drone was handheld and in bright sunlight, so there could be some rough patches.

Wspent a couple of days in Poznań, a small and scenic town in the west of Poland. Here's a 23-second clip of my drone experience.


On another lazy day of flying, landscape photography assumes a completely different outlook when taken from an aerial vantage point. Although the world is becoming smaller by the day, traveling the world independently isn't going to be possible for everyone. Hopefully, for those folks, this videos will give them a sense of genuine awe and excitement.


And remember, in our experience, Poland has been one of the most family-friendly nations in eastern Europe. From parks to playgrounds to its vibrant streets and architecture, kids here will have much to do. For some personal accounts of this, check out some of the cute stories on Milana's Travels.

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