Dr. Shameema Sarker & Dr. Niladri Sarker

What we're hoping for...


To eradicate COVID-19.! Soon!! Like, YESTERDAY!!!

who are the geobeetles?

We’re a family of avid travelers, professional photographers and artists, scientists, professors, and students. We're also one of the first families on the face of the planet committed to crisscross every country - yes, all 196 of them - and unearth their marvels again and again!

We try to meet rare and endangered animals, far-flung natural wonders, and vanishing tribes, hoping to educate ourselves, and spread our contagion of curiosity to the rest of the world. In the process, we'd like to think that we fight climate change and make our world a little more habitable.


Even though both of us are employed full time – Dr. Niladri Sarker as a professor, and Dr. Shameema Sarker as a scientist – as a family we’ve traveled to fifty-four countries on six continents. (That's right, we're coming for you, Antarctica!)


We live in Chandler, Arizona, along with our three children, and call ourselves the GeoBeetles. 


We try our best to explore places that most people haven’t heard about, let alone visit, and our experiences stand out in many ways, but most of all because of the awareness we bring of traveling to such places with little kids in tow.

what we're doing now

Shameema is busy working from home on her job as a scientist. Of course, she can't go to work with the lockdown still going full force.


The same with Niladri, although he's teaching university students online. He's also working on his paintings and developing his travel blog (this one!).

Our three daughters, Ushrayinee, Zahradinee, and Nurjaminee, are in various stages of pretending to study as they cope with their virtual engagements.


And just like the entire planet, we're all waiting to run free again!

where we'd like to be six months from now


No clue!


We had international flights booked during every month of this year other than July. All of that is either canceled or waiting as a raincheck.


If it was up to us, we were planning on hitting Africa again, likely catalog the remote tribes of Ethiopia. Then we'd like to return to South America, specifically, to Torres del Paine at the southern tip of Argentina.


We'll see how things go from here, fingers locked and crossed!

Updated May 15th, 2020, from Arizona, USA.





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