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What Are the Best Spots in Brazil for Kids?

Brazil is a lovely destination if planning to travel with family. Brazilians are family-friendly people, and there is no shortage of activities and attractions that are perfectly suited for young children’s likings. Many restaurants in Brazil have an adjacent park where kids can play to their heart’s content. Thus, when planning a Brazil family vacation, look forward to a lot of fun, excitement, and enjoyment for all. Here are a few spots that you must take your kids to when in Brazil.

1. Leblon Beach- Kids love frolicking in the water. Leblon Beach is one of the best beaches where you can take your kids and run freely across the white sandy beaches. The beach also hosts a Baixo Baby area that is solely meant for children. As the sun hides behind the horizon, the scintillating nightlife comes alive at the beach, keeping everyone engaged.

2. Morra Da Urca- If you have teenage kids, a visit to Morra Da Urca will surely delight them to no end. It is a perfect place for trekking and enjoying magnificent views around. It is just a 30-minute hike through a pleasant starter hill. Once you reach the top, you will find the city’s panoramic views that will give you some lovely photo opportunities.

3. Christ The Redeemer- No trip to Brazil is complete without a trip to see Christ The Redeemer statue, overlooking the city. Perched atop Corcovado Mountain, it is an impressive place to visit. It is also a way to help kids get a glimpse into the significance of this seventh wonder of the world.

4. Ubatuba, Brazil- Take your kids to Ubatuba in Brazil and explore some of the amazing beaches and check out sea turtles. There are seven species of endangered sea turtle species found in Brazil. Kids can also check out and appreciate amazing efforts made to protect these turtles and prevent them from extinction.

There is no shortage of several other attractive places in Brazil that are perfect for your kids to enjoy, explore, and have fun. Many of these places also prove to be an education for them.

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