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Morocco With Kids: An Expert Guide for Family Travel

Updated: May 15, 2020

Travel Morocco With Your Kids

Morocco in North Africa is one of the best family vacation spots. It is relatively safer than other countries in this region and there are plenty of naturally beautiful regions like the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Its proximity to Europe is one of the few reasons why Morocco is one of the top family vacation spots.

Some of the best places to visit in Morocco with kids include:

Desert tour of the Sahara Desert

This is certainly a not-to-miss spot in Morocco. The Desert Tour is an eye-opener for most because of the limitless stretch of sand dunes, the mud-walled houses in the villages, the canyons and also the palm groves on the way. The desert landscape forms the perfect playground for young kids as they watch the sun rise and set across the dunes. Spending the night out underneath the star-lit skies is also an awesome experience. Mid-route, on the way to Sahara, your kids will be overwhelmed by the sight of the mud-walled houses or Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou. These houses belong to the 16th century and had been built by the Berbers. In the desert itself, one gets to see the nomadic settlements of the Berber tribe.

The Medina in Marrakesh

Another family vacation spot in Morocco is the town of Medina in Marrakech. The place is the best glimpse that your kids get into the rich past of the country. There are ancient historical sites, fountains, mosques, and typical Arabian markets, small hotels, boutique riads, traditional handicraft shops selling carpets and leather items, along with being home to amazing food. Your kids are going to have a gala time in the streets of Medina.

Gardens in Marrakech for kids

To indulge in some outdoor activities, it is advised to visit the open gardens in Marrakech. There are amusement parks too that will keep the young ones involved and busy.

Surfing at Agadir

Another top family vacation spotis Agadir where you will find some good surfing clubs that teach tourists the art of surfing. It is definitely an experience that your kids are going to remember for a lifetime.

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