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Beginner’s Guide: Visiting Brazil On Family Vacation

Updated: May 15, 2020

The Beginner’s Guide To Visiting Brazil

Visiting Brazil with family needs to be a planned affair, especially when you’re planning to visit its famous beacheswith your kids, like the ones in Rio de Janeiro. Here is a short guide to help you get-set-go on a truly memorable Brazil family vacation.

When to visit Brazil?

May to September is the perfect time to visit the country because the weather is cold and dry.

Places to visit and things to indulge in on your Brazil family vacation:

  1. Leblon has the perfect backdrop for a peaceful family vacation. The crowd here is typical of a family beach. Visit the Baixo Bay Area with kids as there are endless activities to keep your children busy through the day.

  2. Take the cable car ride at Morro Da Urca, a small hiking paradise that your kids will love.

  3. In Brazil and haven’t yet witnessed a game of football? Enjoy watching a professional level football match at the Maracana Stadium with your kids – it is one of the most popular football venues in the country.

  4. Let your kids get a closer look at the life of sea animals, like the turtles, at the Project Tamar site at Ubatuba Beach.

  5. Make your trip to Rio de Janeiro with your kids, and then truly mesmerize them with a planned trip to the Amazon Rainforest. The vegetation, birds and animal species here will definitely leave an indelible mark on your children’s memories. Remember that you need to pre-book a tour for the best experience.

  6. Visit the Minas Gerais, an 18th century town on the mountains at Ouro Preto. Kids will have an exhilarating time swimming in the waterfalls here and catching a sight of the maned wolf at night.

What to pack for the Brazil family vacation?

To make the trip truly memorable, ensure that you pack well for the trip with your kids. Here are some of the must-haves in your luggage:

- Swimwear

- Water-resistant sandals

- Sunscreen and sunglasses

- Comfortable shorts, pants and shirts

- Hiking boots and socks

- Water bottle

- A backpack that is easy to carry

- Light sweaters and jackets

- Mosquito repellent

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