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Brazil Family Vacation: A Beginners Travel Guide

Brazil Family Vacation

Brazil is an ideal place for a family vacation. If you plan your Brazil family vacation well, you are surely going to be happy about choosing such a marvelousvacationdestination.

A guide to Brazil family vacation

When to travel?

From May till September, it is winter months in the country andin the Southern Hemisphere. It is also dry during this time. Hence, it is the ideal time to visit. This time is also less crowded because the peak tourist season in the country is from December to March. At that time, it is all very crowded, and the flight tickets are much more expensive.

Why plan a Brazil family vacation?

The world’s largest river Amazon and its basin is the main attraction here. The Iguazu Falls is the place where over 275 waterfalls converge, making it a stupendous sight. The country has an upbeat culture, some out-of-the-world cuisines to try, and Brazilians are also known for their world-class hospitality. The weather here is friendly too. All these reasons make Brazil the ideal place for a vacation.

Getting a visa for Brazil

For US citizens, travel to Brazil is now visa-free.

Pre-trip medical check-up

Before you start your Brazil family vacation, make sure that your kids as well as you have been administered the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine. Also, ensure that your kids get these shots before the journey:

a. Flu

b. Polio

c. Chickenpox

d. Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccine

e. Hepatitis A

f. Typhoid

g. Yellow Fever

How to get to Brazil?

There are a few international airports in Brazil – the Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, the International Airport of Brasilia in the capital city, and the Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo.

If you wish to start your Brazil family vacation from the Amazon basin, it is advisable to take a direct flight from Miami in the US to the Gomes International Airport at Manaus.

Safety tips – It is best to avoid crowded buses and being outdoors after dark.

What to wear?

Since the weather is hotand humid, ensure to pack clothes that can be dried easily and quickly. Also opt for loose-fitting clothes and comfortable shoes.

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