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The State Of The Planet


Family Vacation in Brazil

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Colossal by any standard, Brazil has truly tipped the scales.
It boasts the widest river, largest forest, and longest beaches.
Then there’s the thing some know as the Carnaval.
Shall we say more?.

Sadly, though, all is not well here. And if there’s any validity to the Gaia theory that posits that planet earth herself works as a self-regulating, integrated biosphere, then surely Brazil would be considered as her lungs. And each day they are being choked. Unfortunately, this downward spiral has increased exponentially lately, no doubt being fueled by the new administration there and its few but powerful supporters in the western world, who see the whole issue through a game theory perspective. Who are we kidding, anyway? To put it mildly, their vision, if it at all exists, is seriously myopic. But hope springs eternal, and so it is our belief that with hard work by the conservationists, things can change.

Then again, most of the push needs to come from us – the common citizens of the world. Without that, we are well on our way to hear the last gasps of the most biodiverse region of our planet.

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